Doctor Who is the latest character coming to Fortnite, leak says

doctor who coming to fortnite

doctor who coming to fortnite

It looks like the BBC’s Doctor Who is actually coming to Fortnite, if a new leak is anything to go by. While this once sounded impossible, Epic Games’ free-to-play shooter has been home to every popular franchise out there, making this yet another inevitable crossover.

Twitter user and Fortnite leaker iFireMonkey claims that Epic Games and the BBC are in talks to add the Doctor himself to this popular shooter. Despite the leaker claiming that they’re still in discussions, they also shared a leak that reveals the Tardis can already be datamined.

Similar to the Dragon Ball Fortnite event, the Doctor Who crossover is expected to be a two-week event that rewards players with free prizes. The leaker claims that certain Who-related cosmetics will be part of those free rewards. In addition to that, there will be in-game purchases for those that want to play as their favorite time-traveling doctor.

Funnily enough, it wasn’t mentioned which Doctor would be playable for the upcoming event. Based on the show’s recent season finale, it could easily be David Tennant’s 10th Doctor, as that would be a smart way to capitalize on that buzz. Don’t be too surprised if we also see the other incarnations of the character, even if it’s not immediate.

We’re sure some fans are cringing at the thought of Doctor Who twerking or doing any of the popular dances in Fortnite but that’s just how this game is. Plus, it’s not like the good Doctor has been in a number of good video games, as most of their back catalog is pretty mediocre.

As we mentioned earlier, Fortnite has been home to every mainstream character under the sun. Marvel characters are here, DC characters are here, movie characters are here, and even freaking John Cena is in the game. Sorry Super Smash Bros. it looks like everyone is actually here.

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Fortnite is readily available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PC, Mobile, and Nintendo Switch.

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