Doctor Strange 2 pre-vis leak allegedly shows Professor Xavier

Disney's purchase of 20th Century Fox resulted in Marvel regaining movie rights for the X-Men. Multiple rumours have circulated regarding the mutant team's MCU debut. However, various leaks are claiming the characters will be introduced in Doctor Strange 2.

Doctor Strange 2 X-Men leak

A supposed leak for Doctor Strange 2 shows a key X-Men character in a pre-vis state. Marvel is well-known for its use of pre-visualisation, a low-quality CGI way of blocking out scenes. Keep in mind, pre-vis is never supposed to look movie-quality.

With that said, a supposed leak has allegedly revealed X-Men leader Professor Xavier. Seemingly designed after his animated series incarnation, complete with a massive bronze chair, the leak shows the return of a fan-favourite actor.

If the pre-vis is to be believed, Professor Xavier looks to be played by Sir Patrick Stewart. The leaked Xavier looks very similar to the actor’s appearance in the original X-Men trilogy. If he is in Doctor Strange 2, it looks like he'll be de-aged.

PSX doctor Strange 2
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Should Patrick Stewart return?

For many, Patrick Stewart is Professor Xavier. Much like Hugh Jackman's Wolverine, the actor is almost impossible to remove from the character. However, that doesn't mean Stewart should return to the role for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

As much as it hurts to say, Patrick Stewart is getting old — his return in Star Trek: Picard proves that. While there's no doubt that the actor would be awesome in the role again, the longevity of the MCU could prove troublesome.

It’s more than likely that his appearance in Doctor Strange 2, if real, is merely a cameo. Whatever the case, it would be nice to see the actor sit in the chair just one more time.

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