Disney Dreamlight Valley teases a new biome

disney dreamlight valley new biome a custome avatar goes fishing with goofy
Credit: Disney

disney dreamlight valley new biome a custome avatar goes fishing with goofy
Credit: Disney

Disney Dreamlight Valley continues to be a huge hit with fans of Animal Crossing, Disney, and cozy games in general. The game is still getting a ton of updates, with a new teaser that is hinting at a new biome for players to chill in.

Fans have wanted a new biome to explore for a while now, though they’ve been content with what the game has given them thus far. It will be interesting to see what Disney property is used for this new biome, along with the characters that might get added.

Which movie is going to get representation in Disney Dreamlight Valley? And will it be enough to get new players interested in this relaxing farming simulator?

On Twitter, the official Disney Dreamlight Valley account teased something with only emojis. A compass, downward arrow, map, and rocket are used to tease something coming on November 30, we just don’t know what. Naturally, fans of the game are expecting a new biome based on one of the many Disney properties available.

Since Wall-E is already in the game, fans are assuming that we’ll get something from Lightyear or the underrated Treasure Planet. Lilo and Stitch are already in the game plus that property is focused more on family than outer space adventures.

Lightyear seems like a possible candidate since its the most recent Disney property set in space, not counting anything from Marvel or Star Wars. Though Treasure Planet is less likely, it has grown a passionate fanbase in recent years and could even be remake material in the future.

We’ll have to wait and see what this announcement ends up being, though fans will likely eat it up. After all, Disney Dreamlight Valley is a celebration of this billion-dollar company and most of its properties.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley is now available on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, and Steam. An update adding Woody and Buzz from Toy Story is coming on December 6.

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