Discord is creating its own Twitch Drops by using your friends

Discord logo in front of a black and white Twitch logo
Credit: Discord / Twitch

Discord logo in front of a black and white Twitch logo
Credit: Discord / Twitch


  • Discord Quests will now be made available to more game developers
  • New Quests will pop-up "tastefully" when you open the Discord app
  • Users can then opt to stream a game, granting Twitch Drop-like rewards

After having a successful soft launch with the Fortnite 'May the 4th" quest for Fortnite, Discord is expanding its Quests program to more developers. This will let you stream games to your friends or in servers in order to get free in-game rewards similar to Twitch Drops.

In a new blog post from Discord, the company aims to support game developers by helping their game get noticed via the Discord Quests program. By working in partnership with developers, Discord will help teams "build an experience that showcases their game and offers a reward tailored for their game".

The example shown was "Stream Sky Rockets to a friend for 15 minutes", and the pop-up showed an 'Accept Quest' button in order to get a free reward. So, unlike Twitch Drops that will grant you rewards for watching your favourite streamers, you might have to create a Discord server and beg your friends to watch you play a game. And, you'll want to find out how to share your Discord profile to get more friends in on the action, too.

Discord Quests example pop up showcased in the recent blog post
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Credit: Discord

Of course, this may go against some Discord servers created by users. While many official or fan-supported Discord servers for specific games may allow that game to be streamed, many others won't allow for self-promotion. Either that, or as I mentioned before, you'll have to try and get your friends to watch you play the Discord Quests game.

In the same blog post, Discord has confirmed that it is working with game developers to bring specific designs for the Discord Shop. Now, personally, I've never bought anything from its shop. And I don't know anyone who has right now, but game-specific designs may win me over.

Any program that benefits game developers is certainly a win, especially indie devs that may get lost in the crowd of triple-A games. However, I'm not looking forward to seeing messages from "friends" I barely talk to, begging me to watch their stream as they are wanting a new skin in Fortnite.

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