Discord bans two Switch emulator developers and their servers

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  • Discord banned developers and servers of Sudachi and Suyu, emulators derived from Yuzu.
  • The legality of these emulators was unclear, but the Yuzu settlement seemed to allow them.
  • Discord prioritised its relationship with Nintendo over the legal arguments, highlighting the limitations of platforms like Discord for developers.

A recent and shocking move from Discord has had a concerning impact on the emulator community with Sudachi and Suyu, developers of emulators based on Yuzu, a famous Nintendo Switch emulator, having their accounts banned and server wiped.

This follows the aftermath of Yuzu settling with Nintendo, leaving the legal status of Sudachi and Suyu in question. Previously we had assumed that Suyu had managed to evade Nintendo, however, this doesn't seem to be the case any longer.

The confusion surrounding the takedown arises from the specifics of the Yuzu settlement. Nintendo took legal action against Yuzu, and the terms of the settlement allowed others to utilise and modify Yuzu's open-source code (governed under the GPL v3 license) to create their own emulator projects. Sudachi and Suyu thus occupy legal ground making the decision by Discord to be legally ambiguous.

Discord followed up saying it was reacting to a DMCA request and a court order for the takedown of Sudachi and Suyu servers. Nevertheless, the details of these requests are still wrapped in secrecy, but Nintendo is well known for being ruthless when it comes to protecting its IPs and private property.

The court order probably refers to the Yuzu settlement itself, but the DMCA request brings up some questions. The settlement seemed to allow the creation of derivative projects like Sudachi and Suyu.

With no clear explanations, many people think that Discord chose to stick with Nintendo rather than the complex legalities surrounding Sudachi and Suyu. This incident shows the weaknesses of platforms like Discord. While servers can create a feeling of community and privacy, they are still subject to the platform’s rules and regulations.

Communication on Discord servers may seem similar to private conversations among friends, but in fact, it is more like social media interactions, subject to the platform's discretion

The takedown of Sudachi and Suyu undermines the importance of developers considering alternative methods for fostering communities and distributing their projects, particularly when the legal landscape is dismal.

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