Discord AI will use ChatGPT to turn chatbots into real boys

An image of DiscordAI powered by ChatGPT

An image of DiscordAI powered by ChatGPT

Every gamer’s favourite communication app Discord is getting into artificial intelligence. Using OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology, Discord AI tools aim to turn its Clyde chatbot into a more powerful tool.

Next week, the Discord AI update will launch, overhauling its Clyde chatbot for all users. Just like the ChatGPT website or Microsoft Bing AI, the upgraded Clyde will be able to have full conversations with users.

The new Clyde will be able to be added to servers across the Discord platform. Once added, the chatbot will be able to interact with server members, answering questions , sending GIFs and recommending music.

The Discord AI bot won’t be able to be talked to individually. For example, a specific member won’t be able to message Clyde and get it to write for them. However, the service will be able to join in on group conversations happening between multiple people.

Upon launch, the overhauled chatbot will only be part of a select number of servers, presumably big ones. While popular servers will be able to try the service out next week, everyone else will have to wait until it’s available for everyone.

The introduction of ChatGPT into the social platform is just one part of Discord’s sweeping plans to add AI to its platform. Future Discord AI will be able to summarise long conversations, automatically mod communities and more.

Discord has revealed that it has huge plans to keep up-to-date with AI tools for its platform. It’s not clear what exactly that means — for example, will they introduce AI tools into its video chat service? — but the gaming-focused social app aims to stay cutting edge far into the future.

The reliance on AI tools for fact-checking during Discord conversations is worrisome. With Microsoft’s Bing service, ChatGPT has proven to be argumentative towards users. Furthermore, AI bias has proven to state inaccurate, dangerous statements to users.

Discord is a free service available now on PC, Mobile, Xbox and PlayStation. There are no plans for a Nintendo Switch version of the app.

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