Discless Xbox Series X with new controller leaks in FTC documents

A leaked image of the Discless Xbox Series X console from FTC documents with a logo

A leaked image of the Discless Xbox Series X console from FTC documents with a logo

Microsoft is officially working on a new version of the Xbox Series X that removes the console’s disc drive. Revealed in a massive leak of Microsoft documents from its battle with the FTC, the next Xbox console will be a revision of the Series X hardware.

Revealed alongside plans for an Xbox Series Portable, massive Cloud Gaming overhauls, remakes of Elder Scrolls Oblivion and Fallout 3 and a new controller, the new Xbox has been laid bare to the world.

Codenamed Brooklin, the new Xbox Series X refresh is designed in a similar to vein to the controversial 2013 Mac trash can. Instead of being a box, Microsoft’s current vision for the next console is more cylindrical in nature, rounding off the corners to and removing the console’s disc drive.

Instead, Microsoft will make a few improvements to the machine that will allow the company to keep the price at the current $499 RRP of the Series X. This means the console won’t be any cheaper than its disc-drive equipped predecessor, but it will have some extra bells and whistles.

For instance, the new Discless Xbox Series X will include 2 terabytes of internal SSD storage instead of the current single terabyte. The console will also include Bluetooth 5.2 support to connect controllers, headphones and other accessories as well as WiFi 6e for faster download speeds and less latency.

Most importantly, the new console will include a more efficiently designed SoC, shrinking the current powerhouse of the machine down to a 6 nanometer version. Additionally, the console will be more power-efficient with 15% less power draw and 20% less power draw in standby mode. The device will also have a USB-C port on the front instead of the current USB-A.

A slideshow of the Discless Xbox Series C console with diagrams showing the improvements over the base 2020 model
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Finally, the machine will launch with the next-gen Xbox controller, including gyro controls, and accelerometer and improved haptics similar to that of PlayStation’s DualSense pads. The new controller also includes a rechargeable, but swappable, battery pack.

Rumours of a Discless Xbox Series X have been circulating for a while now. With Sony’s PlayStation 5 slim model leaking as well as plans for a PS5 Pro, Xbox is making some rather lax plans for the future of this generation.

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