Digital Only Xbox Series X is Microsoft's answer to PS5 Pro

digital-only xbox series x answer to ps5 pro
Credit: Microsoft/Bethesda

digital-only xbox series x answer to ps5 pro
Credit: Microsoft/Bethesda

With a PlayStation 5 Pro all but confirmed, it seems Microsoft is planning an enhanced re-release of their own. Although an Xbox Series X Pro isn’t likely, rumours claim a digital-only version of the console is in the works.

As discussed in a new episode of the XboxEra podcast, a digital-only version of a Series X is reportedly in the works. Obviously, fans should take this with a grain of salt but a Series X Digital is interesting, at the very least.

The podcast also said more Xbox hardware is coming in 2025, though no details were revealed. More accessories for the console wouldn’t be surprising but nothing has been confirmed.

Some fans think that a digital-only Xbox Series X will essentially replace the Xbox Series S. Although this console can only have digital games and is weaker than the Series X, it’s not getting the boot. Microsoft just announced a 1 TB version of this weaker system, and the console is selling rather well as an entry-level current-gen console.

While replacing the Series S is unlikely, some fans do feel the console is holding Microsoft back. Larian Studios admitted that they delayed the Xbox version of Baldur’s Gate 3 so it could run well on both Series S and X. Many fans are willing to see the Series S version get left in the dust but Microsoft isn’t budging.

Enhanced hardware has been a major talking point lately, not just from Microsoft but from Sony and Nintendo as well. Sony is reportedly working on a PS5 Pro and Project Q, an ugly cloud device that plays your installed PS5 games. Nintendo is supposedly working on the Switch 2, which will reportedly have 512 GB of free space at launch.

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More news on the digital-only Xbox Series X and other hardware will likely come up in the coming months.

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