Detective Pikachu Returns revealed after years of absence

After years of being absent from Nintendo Directs, Detective Pikachu Returns has finally been revealed. Developed for Nintendo Switch, the new sequel follows on from the series’ first 2019 entry.

After numerous teases from renowned leakers, the new Pokémon game takes place after the events of the first game. Playing as Tim Goodman, you’ll have to talk to a number of Pokémon friends to solve myriad cases.

Releasing on October 6th, Detective Pikachu Returns feature a number of returning creatures from the past game. While few details have been revealed, the new title will tell an entirely new story for fans of the original.

In the game’s trailer, it’s revealed that Mewtwo is also involved in the game’s narrative. How much of the story is actually dependent on the iconic legendary Pokémon is currently unknown.

Detective Pikachu Returns’ version of Rhyme City does feature a lot more creature than were present in the original game. For example, Pokémon from Sword and Shield such as Cinderace are present in the densely populated city.

It’s currently known what has taken the game so long to develop, or what has happened to the port of the original game that was planned for Nintendo Switch, but it still looks like a great time.

Pokémon Detective Pikachu Returns launches on Nintendo Switch on October 6th, 2023.

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