The iconic DeLorean gets a new lease of life with electric revival

The beloved DMC-12 DeLorean is one of the most iconic sci-fi cars in history. Blasted into popularly with the release of Back to the Future in 1985, the futuristic vehicle is a beloved prop that many have adored from afar.

This is because the actual DMC-12 was, in fact, an awful car. Only around 8,000 cars were sold in the early 80s, and all of them suffered from massive quality issues. Despite its looks, the vehicle has been rated one of the worst cars of all time. But what if it was remade?

DeLorean Remake: Done right this time?

Announced in a Twitter post, the DMC-12 is getting a new lease of life. In the coming years, the iconic Back to the Future car will return with an all-new model mimicking the original design, gull-wing doors and all.

While not much has been revealed about the car, we do know the most important part: what powers it. Unlike the original DMC-12, the new DeLorean is not a hungry gas-guzzler like the original model.

Instead, the new car will be an electric vehicle, keeping in line with the car’s futuristic design. It's not quite a flux capacitor, but an electric-powered DMC-12 is a step forward into the future. Of course, that's if it ever comes out.

There is currently next to no information regarding the upcoming car. For example, we don't know what the planned release date is, where it will launch, or even what engine will be powering the car. Additionally, with electric vehicles, miles-per-charge is an incredibly important factor; we don't know that either.

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The return of the DMC-12 comes amid confusing times for fans. DeLorean Motor Company was dead in the water before the release of Back to the Future. However, a new version of the company has popped right back up. So, what is it, and can it be trusted?

The reincarnated DMC is a different company with the same rights and assets as the original. In some ways, this could mean that the upcoming electric car will be more trustworthy than the original.

After all, DMC’s line of failures and faults was massive. If anything, a completely new company with the old name is the best route to go. Of course, we will have to see how good the new DeLorean will be whenever it actually launches.

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