Dell G15 Ryzen Edition is an Alienware-level laptop for half the price

Dell has made it clear that they’re trying to make high-end gaming more accessible for PC, and they might be doing the soon. The announcement of their new Dell G15 Ryzen Edition gaming laptops seems to be bucking the trend of ultra-expensive gaming laptops, but it's a companion piece to Dell’s lineup.

Announced alongside the bigger, more expensive Alienware M15 R5, the new 15-inch Dell G15 is remarkably modest. It still looks the part and packs gamer-grade specs, but it doesn't have an extortionate price point.

What is the Dell G15 Ryzen Edition?

Starting at $899.99, the entry-level version of the Dell G15 Ryzen Edition packs a wallop. At its core there's a Ryzen 5 5600-H CPU paired with a 6GB Nvidia RTX 3060 GPU. Due to its entry level price, Dell has skimped slightly on the rest of its internals. There's only 256GB of storage, on an NVNe M.2, and 8GB of DDR4 RAM which is upgradable. However, it's a great starting point.

For those who want a bit more bang for their buck, there are more stacked options. The CPU can be upgraded up to a Ryzen 7 5800-H and the storage situation can be fixed with options going up to 2TB. That's 2TB SSD storage, not a hard disk drive. Furthermore, those who opt for the opt powerful Ryzen 7 option will be upgraded from a 56Wh battery to an awesome 86Wh battery.

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What other features are there?

The rest of the Dell G15 is no slouch either. The base version comes equipped with a 250-nits 120Hz screen. Those who want to upgrade will be able to pick up a 300-nit 165Hz machine. Going one step further, the G15 will have a new 360Hz option available later this season.

Unfortunately, Dell will be introducing an Intel version of the laptop, but it's behind the curve. While the laptop could've benefited from an 11th gen chip, the G15 Intel Edition instead opts for last-gen Intel hardware. Ryzen is the focus, but an Intel Core i5-10200H model with GTX 1650 GPU is a cheap $799.99 option. However, at only $100 cheaper, it’s worth saving for the Ryzen machine.

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