Deep Rock Galactic Survivor is more popular than its awesome original

deep rock galactic survivor promo art

deep rock galactic survivor promo art

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor is a spin-off of the original Deep Rock Galactic, and it has already surpassed the original in terms of player count on its debut.

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor takes the characters from the original game and places them in a completely different genre. This spin-off is another massively popular entry into the auto-shooter survival games genre that took off in popularity after the success of Vampire Survivors in 2022.

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor has managed to share a chunk of that success and garnered a large user base immediately after release. The game is still in early access, and the developer, Funday Games, will continue working on it. This might be a starting point for the Deep Rock Galactic franchise, similar to what we've been seeing with Risk of Rain. Just a few weeks ago, they finally managed to pressure Steam into adding the Dwarf tag.

You can see the player count comparison for Deep Rock Galactic Survivor and the original Deep Rock Galactic here.

deep rock galactic and deep rock galactic survivor player count
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The all-time peak for the original Deep Rock Galactic was at 46,687 players, and this was 16 months ago. Meanwhile, Deep Rock Galactic Survivor has made its debut and hit 56,943 players and counting. It's impressive to see the original title still have a daily player count of roughly 15,000. These stats were pulled from SteamDB.

Part of this might be due to the low price of Deep Rock Galactic Survivor. Deep Rock Galactic Survivor currently costs $8.99/£8.99 with a 10% off from its standard price of $9.99/£9.99 because the game is currently in early access. The game will remain in early access for the next six months. The low price and initial positive reviews have led to a booming new player base for the new Deep Rock Galactic title.

There are bound to be tons of fun builds in the new survivor auto shooter, and we're excited to try them all out. Be sure to check our list of the best Deep Rock Galactic builds while we figure out the best ones in Survivor!

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