Decentraland, a $1.2 million Metaverse, has less than 40 active users

While Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta may be the mainstream Metaverse, it’s not the only virtual world out there. One of the most popular alternatives is Decentraland, a $1.2 billion Metaverse, and it’s still not very popular.

Via Futurism, the true player count of Decentraland has been revealed. Currently, the most popular Metaverses are Sandbox and Decentraland, but both virtual worlds do not disclose the number of active players on the service.

Well, thanks to a new report, we now know how many active users there are in the latter. In a report by DappRadar, the virtual world only had 38 active users over an entire 24-hour day. Yes, that’s a bit of a yikes, man!

However, it seems that the report may not be 100% accurate. Decentraland creative director Sam Hamilton told crypto outlet CoinDesk that the platform actually has 8,000 daily users. Hamilton claimed that DappRadar is unable to accurately track its user counts.

However, a total of 8,000 daily users is still shockingly low. With the virtual world currently valued at around $1.2 Billion, the number of users is far below what it should be.

Hamilton claims that user counts from DappRadar only focuses on active transactions within the virtual world. This includes purchasing or trading in-game, such as acquiring Metaverse real estate.

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Will The Metaverse be popular?

Whether or not the Metaverse will become popular has yet to be determined. After all, the virtual world is still far from being actually realised. As we usually say, virtual ideas like Decentraland are simply proto-metaverses.

However, it’s quite obvious that the current generation does not care about living in a virtual world. Instead, they want technology to enhance everyday reality instead of removing them from it.

With this in mind, a popular Metaverse is likely generations away from success, if it ever makes sense. While we may enjoy a day in the best VR Chat world, we do not want to stay inside them.

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