Deceased YouTuber celebrated in Times Square years after passing

Deceased YouTuber celebrated in Times Square - Omar in Times Square and a moment from one of his videos

Deceased YouTuber celebrated in Times Square - Omar in Times Square and a moment from one of his videos

For many that live in Europe, the United States are still the land of the big dream. It was indeed the same for Omar Palermo, Italian YouTuber who passed away in 2021 at 42, because of a heart attack. But, just recently, his wish finally came true as the Times Square digital screen was rented by his fans to celebrate him.

In one of his most beloved videos Omar, known by the username "Youtubo anche io" (literally "I also use YouTube"), had mentioned the States. "One day we will all go to America, where I've always wanted to go. I will post you videos from there" he said, after telling his followers that he loved them. That's the video that fans decided to broadcast in Times Square as a celebration to his memory. "Master, you've finally made it" thousands of fans commented under the video.

The creator had become famous for a particular style of content. He would eat very large quantities of food in front of the camera, while usually speaking very little. His content could easily be used to entertain people who were sitting lonely at their tables. He would, in fact, often say "I am not staying silent, I'm just enjoying your company". His content can also be enjoyed beyond the language barrier, since most of his videos are spent eating in silence.

The Youtuber had a very calm way of speaking and would often also talk of his greatest passion, history. With his soft-spoken and educated manner, he had gained almost 500k subs at the time of his death, while gaining way more after his passing, reaching almost 1 million.

He also would always refer to his practice of eating like 15k calories in a single mean as "purely YouTube entertainment", recommending his fans to never try anything of the sort. He was one of the most beloved and reassuring faces of Italian YouTube.

We don't know if Omar is watching from up above, but his reassuring presence will always remain on YouTube. Thousands of fans are still watching his videos every single day, feeling a little less alone on this scary planet we call Earth.

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