Dead Space infects the PlayStation Vita in new fan port

dead space infects the playstation vita shooting a necromorph

dead space infects the playstation vita shooting a necromorph

Dead Space has long been heralded as one of the best survival horror games to ever grace our screens, and lots of fans are excited for the remake that's set for release early next year. With that in mind, you might have a Dead Space-shaped hole in your life while you wait, so what if we said you can play the series on the PlayStation Vita?

The Vita may have been killed by Sony long ago (some might say right from its unveiling), but there are a group of individuals out there that still produce content for the device. One of these individuals is Ukraine-based Volodymyr Atamanenko, who decided that the PS Vita needed Dead Space's survival horror and has now ported the Xperia Play release of Dead Space to the handheld.

While it might have the same name as the original 2008 release of Dead Space, this 2011 mobile version of Dead Space is a spin-off that is set after the events of the original game and before the events of Dead Space 2 and "shows how the Necromorph outbreak began and spread through the Titan Sprawl," according to the port's download page.

This isn't a one-and-done deal, however, as Atamanenko and a small team of helpers are releasing patches for the port. YouTuber 'Zealous Chuck' shows off how the game runs in a video and is talking about each patch as it's released. His video has garnered thousands of views and shows that there is still a strong community surrounding the 11-year-old-game.

It's great to see game communities keeping titles and platforms alive by supporting them long after official development has ceased and we hope to see more of this in the future.

If you have one of the original PS Vitas with the OLED screen and you're a Dead Space fan, then why are you still reading this when you could be screaming in portable mode?

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