Dead Island 2 scratches and claws its way to Steam

dead island 2 is finally coming to steam
Credit: Deep Silver

After being stuck in Epic Games purgatory for a year, Dead Island 2 is officially coming to Steam later this year. The port was a long time coming for Valve fans, as this zombie game was reviewed well upon release, so they can finally get their hands on this.

Steam users will be able to play this sequel on April 22, so they only have to wait two more months before playing this horror experience. Waiting a whole year was probably painful for fans who haven’t made an Epic Games account, so two months should be nothing to them.

To get fans hyped for Dead Island 2, a Dead Island franchise sale has launched on Steam, so newer players can get up to date. For a neat little bonus, Dead Island: Riptide Definitive Edition is free to own, so players should add it to their library while they can. Riptide is also Steam Deck Verified, which doesn’t mean much but it does mean less tinkering.

Many gamers will remember the complicated development history of Dead Island 2, as the sequel was announced too early and went through a ton of developers. It’s easy to forget that this game was first announced back in 2014, meaning this zombie-killing title was in development hell for nine years.

Gamers were worried that this would be another Duke Nukem Forever situation, but that wasn’t the case. Despite taking so long, fans did enjoy the sequel, even if it wasn’t anyone’s Game of the Year in 2023. The fact that it's coming to Steam was a long time coming and we hope that this is a good port.

Although the gameplay of Dead Island 2 didn’t blow anyone away, many thought that it was fun enough to finish. Fans loved how gory the game was and appreciated that it wasn’t another bloated open-world title, despite sharing some elements with the genre.

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Dead Island 2 is coming to Steam on April 22. The sequel is currently available on PS5, Xbox Series, and PC via Epic Games.

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