Dead by Daylight Alien chapter coming out of the walls soon?

They are coming out of the walls! The rumors, we mean. According to numerous reports, the iconic Xenomorph is crawling into a possible Alien Dead by Daylight chapter.

Allegedly scheduled for an April 26th announcement, the upcoming Alien Dead by Daylight chapter would be a celebratory event for this year’s Alien Day anniversary. Should we get out hopes up?

On Twitter, Disney and 20th Century Fox employee Ken Pejoro teased an upcoming connection between the two franchises. Ken is definitely into all things Alien and many of the replies also call for our dear Xenomorph to make an appearance in the game.

Now, as for the exact date of the announcement related to Dead by Daylight we are making a bit of speculation, as some Reddit users point out, it seems to be about a particular hashtag that Ken uses when talking about Alien related things (#SciFi). We are not sure about how solid that is, but if there's any old day of the year in which to announce Xenomorph-related news, well then, April 26th is definitely the right one.

But that's not all. On April 17th BHVR announced that all Amazon's Prime Gaming subscribers will get instant access to the Dead by Daylight rift pass for free. If you already own the pass, instead, you will get to immediately unlock ten progress tiers instead.

For our money, this seems like a pretty interesting deal, definitely aimed at getting more players excite for Dead by Daylight. And what day is this deal launching? BHVR chose the 26th of April. The plot thickens, as they say.

But that's not all we might be expecting. Considering Ken also has a hand on the Alien Vs Predator franchise, perhaps we might be seeing some even more exciting action from this particular union of beloved hunters from other far off galaxies? Who knows, but we are definitely keeping our talons crossed.

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