DC Comics NFTs leave fans ‘ashamed’

Last year, NFTs made their entry into the art world, and now they’re coming for comic books. It was recently announced that there would be DC Comics NFTs with different levels of rarity, annoying most comic fans.

While NFTs based on comic book art is nothing new, having full-blown comic book NFTs is a whole different story. Will anyone buy these? Or will it be another Ubisoft-style flop?

Cryptobros can now read DC Comics NFTs

According to Newsarama, DC Comics NFTs with varying rarities will be launching this Friday. Dubbed DC Collectible Comics, or DC3 for short, the crypto art line will launch with a limited edition version of Superman #1 which will be sold on the blockchain.

Upcoming DC3 comics will let readers choose from “Modern” or “Legacy,” the former reprinting recent comics while the latter reprinting classics. Each NFT comic issue has five rarities, separated as “Common," "Uncommon," "Rare," "Epic," and "Legendary," with Legendary being the rarest.

How can readers tell which of the five rarities they will get? Apparently, the lower rarities will look more faded and aged, while higher rarities look pristine with brighter colours. Wow, so exciting…

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DC fans aren’t pleased

Unsurprisingly, a good number of fans were not happy about the DC Comics NFTs and how embarrassing they are. While there are definitely some cryptobros who are happy about the announcement, plenty of fans are disappointed in the company.

“This just in: Giant corporation wants to sell you a non-existent product for real money,” said one user. “No. You should be ashamed,” says another.

Making this debacle more upsetting is that there are already apps like Comixology and DC Universe that give readers digital comics. It’s clear that DC3 is just a way for the company to cash in on the hype, despite the recent crypto crash.

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