Dating Apps Are Planning An AI Wingman Because Your Game is Weak

iPhone 15 Pro Max in front of a bright background with a Bumble logo
Credit: Apple / Bumble

iPhone 15 Pro Max in front of a bright background with a Bumble logo
Credit: Apple / Bumble


  • The founder of Bumble has spoke to an audience at Bloomberg Technology Summit, believing AI is the future of dating
  • Apparently, an AI concierge will go and talk to other AI concierges, to see if you and your match are compatible
  • This will create even less human interaction with dating, so it's unlikely to be adopted any time soon

Dating is scary, and it's even scarier than ever before thanks to the fact that matching with people via apps takes away all of the human interaction that came before apps. However, the founder of Bumble thinks the future of dating apps will involve even less human interaction.

For many people looking for love and relationships, dating apps make up some of the best apps on iPhone and best apps for Android lists. In between scrolling through the likes of TikTok and Instagram, the hopes of finding a partner is made easier by the fact that millions are on these types of apps, but it could become a lot less involved in the future.

Speaking to an audience at the Bloomberg Technology Summit, the founder of Bumble, Whitney Wolfe Herd, has shared what she believes is the future of dating apps. "You could, in the near future, be talking to your AI dating concierge", Herd states, adding that you could share your insecurities with the aforementioned concierge. Herd believes that "There is a world where your dating concierge could go and date for you with other dating concierges."

Let's be honest - it's basically an AI wingman. It would go out and talk with the other people's AIs, before letting you and your potential partner talk to each other and make sure you're compatible. So, if you're up for discussing your insecurities with ChatGPT and let it talk with other AI chatbots, then it could be for you.

Considering that AI adoption isn't exactly great, with many people hating the AI George Carlin special and witnessing the uncanny dead person in AI form, I doubt that most people want an AI doing their dating for them in a trustworthy way. In all honesty, I'm still wary about ChatGPT's responses, so I can't imagine it trusting a chatbot enough to find a suitable lifelong partner for me within a dating app.

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