Daredevil: Born Again will still be extremely violent despite Disney+ launch

An image of Kingpin next to the Daredevil:Born Again suit of Matt Murdoch

An image of Kingpin next to the Daredevil:Born Again suit of Matt Murdoch

Marvel Studios’ upcoming Disney+ series Daredevil: Born Again won’t be restricted by its newfound platform. In fact, the in-development action series is said to retain the Netflix show’s violence and grittiness.

Speaking to Newsweek, Daredevil’s Kingpin actor Vincent D’onofrio revealed that the show’s violence has not been toned down for Disney’s streaming service.

The actor explained that the upcoming series still retains the original’s physical and emotional violence. With the inclusion of Jon Bernthal’s version of The Punisher, we certainly hope so.

“It was a concern of mine too because the Netflix show was so raw and brutal, you know?" D'Onofrio told the outlet. "But then I started to look at what Marvel’s been doing lately with their series, and the direction that they want to go in.”

D'Onofrio explained that Daredevil: Born Again will be “the most brutal” of all Marvel Cinematic Universe projects. With the recent violence found in flicks such as Werewolf by Night, we should expect the new series to be rather bloody.

However, the Kingpin actor also explained that physical violence will be shocking with purpose, not just violence for violence’s sake.

“I think one of the things that the fans loved with the original show was that it wasn't just violence to be violent,” the actor said. “It was, at times, a bit shocking to see but it was all based in emotional stuff, from Charlie's part and mine. These are two very emotional characters caught up in this life of theirs, so it will answer all of that for the fans."

The actor explained that the cast and crew of Daredevil: Born Again are going to “bring it on” in terms of brutality. Not only that, but his character will also maintain that brutality in the upcoming Echo series as well.

D’Onofrio’s version of Kingpin is a big bad for the smaller scale heroes of the MCU throughout Phase 5, just like in the comics. In fact, the villain is expected to appear in the upcoming Spider-Man 4 as well, where he will dispatch numerous villains to take out the hero in a “John Wick-style” action blockbuster.

Considering just how violent some scenes of the original Daredevil series were, we’re more than excited to see how the new version handles its brutality. With The Punisher also in the mix, we expect to be treated.

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