Custom Series X consoles will be supported by Xbox Design Labs

A custom blue Xbox Series X console surrounded by a horde of custom controllers

A custom blue Xbox Series X console surrounded by a horde of custom controllers

Microsoft is working on a way to let customers purchase custom Series X consoles via the Xbox Design Labs service. Currently, the service only allows users to order custom controllers, but entirely customised consoles will be possible in the future.

Revealed in leaked FTC documents alongside plans for an Xbox Series X revision, an entirely overhauled controller, Oblivion and Fallout 3 remasters and more, Xbox is aiming to give users more control over the look of their consoles.

Codenamed Project Uther, the new Custom Series X service will allow gamers to order consoles in colours of their choosing. Furthermore, a number of additional options will also be available, such as engraving a user’s gamertag or a custom message on the machine.

The current version of the Xbox Design Labs service does allow for a number of small additions to custom controllers. For example, buttons can have different colours, and so can the sticks. There aren’t unlimited options, but there are a number of different ways to customise a single item.

For custom consoles, Microsoft could allow users to have a custom coloured shell with accented colours for ports, the disc tray button, controller sync button and the Xbox power button. Furthermore, Microsoft could offer gradient options to add even more customisation.

A discless Xbox Series X console
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An image of the discless Xbox Series X that could be customisable via Design Labs

The Project Uther leak doesn’t reveal how much a custom Xbox Series X console will cost. At the time of writing, there isn’t a price increase on a basic colour swap for a controller on Xbox Design Labs, but most additions, such as engravings or rubberised grips, cost extra.

With custom Xbox Series consoles, Microsoft may offer extra costs for features such as extra internal storage, a controller with matching colours, and other goodies. There could also be cost differences for a custom Series X with a disc drive and one without.

There’s no date on when the Xbox Design Lab’s custom Series X consoles will be ready for the public. However, there’s reason to expect the service to launch late 2023 or early 2024.

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