Currys PS5 priority pass announced ahead of new stock

Currys recently announced its priority pass for hopeful PS5 shoppers ahead of what is expected to be a major restock of the much sought after console.

The priority pass is a lottery system which will randomly enable customers to purchase a PS5 console. Similar systems have been introduced by several UK retailers in a bid to beat online scalpers. 

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X have both been notoriously difficult to get hold of since releasing late last year, a problem caused by the ongoing global coronavirus and opportunistic scalpers using bots to buy up the stock released by retailers. 

How does the priority pass work?

Customers interested in purchasing a PS5 will need to register their interest for a Currys priority pass. Once you have registered, it is just a matter of waiting to see if you’ve been picked. 

Should you be chosen, you will receive an email from Currys notifying you. Those lucky priority pass holders will then need to purchase their PS5 console within 72 hours, or the pass will be transferred to someone else. 

The priority pass gives customers the chance to buy a PS5 console from their local Currys Store, a decision which will probably make it even more difficult for scalpers to take advantage of the next stock release.

Applying for a Priority Pass

Applying for the pass is a simple process, and Currys even provides all the information you need to apply on its website:

1. Fill out your details below and wait for us to get in touch.

2.  We’ll select lucky entrants at random and email a Priority Pass to them. This will contain a unique PS5 buying code, along with details of the local Currys PC World store to buy the PS5 from.

3.  PS5 passes will be valid for 72 hours. So if you get one, be quick!

You can find the above directions on the priority pass form page, which will place you in the lottery pool for the next-gen Sony console. Best of luck.

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