Protestor smashes CS2 tournament trophy on stage

PGL major logo next to live stage images

PGL major logo next to live stage images


  • A spectator stormed the stage at the PGL Major Copenhagen CS:GO tournament, destroying the trophy.
  • CSGOEmpire, a CS:GO skin betting platform, claimed responsibility for the stunt as a protest against alleged "scams" by competitor CSGORoll.
  • PGL will press charges against those involved.

The PGL Major Copenhagen Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) tournament was disrupted yesterday (March 29th) when a spectator rushed the stage and destroyed the trophy.

Social media videos show a man sprinting down a walkway towards the stage where the trophy sat proudly on display. After reaching the stage, he raised his arms in apparent triumph. Security personnel quickly apprehended him, but in the ensuing struggle, they all collided with the trophy stand. The trophy toppled over, shattering into pieces.

CSGOEmpire, a popular CS:GO skin betting platform, has surprisingly taken responsibility for the bizarre incident.

CSGOEmpire's founder, Monarch, took to social media platform X, writing, "We've got some guys in handcuffs, but we f***king did it, boys!" Monarch claims the stunt was a protest against alleged "scams" perpetrated by competitor CSGORoll. He linked to a blog post titled "The Wars We Wage" where CSGOEmpire accuses CSGORoll of such practices.

Last summer, CSGORoll released a statement claiming "malicious competitors" were waging a "hate campaign" against them. CSGORoll's statement didn't name names but suspected a grudge or vendetta aimed at damaging their business.

The crowd reacted with loud boos towards the stage invader. Witnesses reported multiple individuals may have been involved. PGL, the event organizer, released a statement on X, calling it an "attempted disruption." They confirmed the match was temporarily halted to ensure everyone's safety. PGL stated they would press charges against those involved.

This incident raises concerns about security at major esports events. While these tournaments often attract passionate fans, such a blatant breach highlights the need for stricter measures to protect players, staff, and property.

The motivations behind CSGOEmpire's stunt remain unclear. While they claim it was a protest, many see it as a reckless publicity stunt that backfired spectacularly. The esports community is likely to react harshly towards CSGOEmpire, potentially damaging their reputation.

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