Crusader Kings 3 Legacy of Persia flavour pack improves a favorite starter locale

Crusader Kings 3 Persian King sits on raised golden throne, surrounded by subjects, in front of a bright blue wall with archway.
Credit: Paradox Interactive

Paradox Interactive has announced an new flavour pack for Crusader Kings 3 is on the way. "Legacy of Persia" will seek to develop and deepen gameplay systems for characters based in Persia, as is typical of Crusader Kings flavour packs.

In the company’s Dev Diary #136 announcement, Paradox cites that Persia is one of the top 10 start locations for player characters, despite the absence of any bookmark characters or 'flavour' in the region. Legacy of Persia seeks to address this absence of content, with the pack pitched as a tribute to fans of the region.

Previously, we've seen flavour packs for the Iberian and Northern regions, with the Legacy of Persia expansion coming in as the third flavour pack for Crusader Kings 3. The Legacy of Persia flavour pack for Crusader Kings 3 is set to release on November 9, 2023.

"The Iranian Intermezzo" Crusader Kings 3 bookmark screen, displaying the new historical characters
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Credit: Paradox Interactive
First look at the new Persian Revival bookmark

Coming with the Legacy of Persia flavour pack will be a rework of the Clan Rulers government type, the addition of some new Iranian-based cultures, and some fleshing out of the Islam and Zoroastrianism religions. Additionally, an new bookmark called the Persian Revival will be added to the 867 start date, with five Iranian-heritage characters of significance to choose from.

Of these, the Clan government rework appears to bring the most substantial gameplay changes to region. In Legacy of Persia, Clan governments will be directly tied to the interactions of house members, with a Unity Level mechanic being introduced. Clans that are unified and get along amicably will have much cleaner successions than those in turmoil.

As a lesser noble, it appears you'll have greater power to destabilise your liege. On the other hand, you'll want to have high diplomacy to keep your relatives in check if you're at the head of the family.

Alongside all of these additions, a new Struggle will be coming to Crusader Kings 3 in Legacy of Persia, in the form of the Iranian Intermezzo. This Struggle will encapsulate the events of the dissolution of the Caliphal authority over Persia. Following the Caliphate's collapse, you'll be able to influence who gets to pick up the pieces and rebuild the region.

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