Counter-Strike 2 axes support on Mac and 32-bit computers

counter-strike 2 stops supporting older computers
Credit: Valve

counter-strike 2 stops supporting older computers
Credit: Valve

Counter-Strike 2 has mostly been a success for Valve, but bringing the beloved shooter to modern standards has caused the company has to stop supporting older computers. Valve has announced that CS2 will stop supporting older 32-bit computers and Mac moving forward, due to the continuing advances in technology.

The news was announced in the game’s Steam support page, where Valve said this was a difficult decision to make, but a necessary one for the shooter’s future. With plans to support CS2 for years to come, the company says they have no choice but to stop supporting Mac and other older computers.

“As technology advances, we have made the difficult decision to discontinue support for older hardware, including DirectX 9 and 32-bit operating systems,” said Valve. “Similarly, we will no longer support macOS. Combined, these represented less than one percent of active CS:GO players.”

Mac users weren’t given much comfort for their lack of Counter-Strike 2 support, unfortunately. They will still have access to a legacy version of CS: GO, though support for that will end in Januray 2024. At the least, it will still be up online for those that want to play the oshoter with their older PC friends.

Due to the lack of support, those who purchased the game are entitled to a Prime Status refund, as long as they don’t have any bans. Prime Status is essentially a permanent Battle Pass that rewards players with exclusive goods, so it makes sense to refund those who won’t be able to use it. Players will have until December 1 of this year to try and get their Prime Status refund.

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Counter-Strike 2 is available now on Steam. Fans of the game can also check out our guides on the game's errors, as well as leaks on new weapons and skins.

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