Content Warning devs change fake YouTube name due to racist connotations

Characters posing in Content Warning key art
Credit: Landfall Games

Characters posing in Content Warning key art
Credit: Landfall Games

Content Warning is close to becoming a household name at this point. If you're not filming spooky moments and diving into dangerous situations for those views, you've almost certainly heard of Landfall Games' indie game. Inspired by the likes of Lethal Company, Content Warning has taken the world by storm due to the fact it was released on April Fools' Day, and was free-to-keep for just 24 hours.

If you were busy figuring out how to throw items in Content Warning or telling your friends about the best Content Warning tips and tricks, you may not have noticed the fake in-game YouTube has been changed. In the early hours of the morning, Landfall Games changed the name of the fake YouTube shortly after release due to racist connotations.

The original name of the in-game video service was called 'SpookTube', a horror twist title on the real YouTube. Most people associate the word 'spook' with ghosts or to frighten someone, but some players picked up on the fact that the word was actually a racist remark that was used against black people in the 20th Century.

Use of the remark has died down in the modern era, but Landfall Games was quick to change it to "SpöökTube", a play on the Swedish word "Spöke", which means ghost in English.

In a tweet replying to the situation, the Landfall Games Twitter account stated "We actually already changed it a few hours after release as soon as we were made aware of this. It’s now called SpöökTube after Spöke (Swedish word for ghost - we’re a Swedish studio which is also why we’re not familiar with old US slurs)".

It's almost certainly an honest mistake - I've never heard of the term prior to this event, being based in the United Kingdom instead of the US, and it makes even more sense considering that Landfall Games is a Swedish developer. But it's great that the team was quick to change it, in order to avoid unnecessary but honest criticism.

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