COLD VR Inverts SUPERHOT VR's Best Gameplay Mechanic

Gameplay screenshot of someone hitting an enemy with sword in COLD VR

Gameplay screenshot of someone hitting an enemy with sword in COLD VR


  • COLD VR, a spiritual successor to SUPERHOT VR, offers a unique twist on the hit game’s best mechanic
  • Instead of time freezing when you stop, COLD VR will task you with keeping on the move to halt enemies in their place
  • There’s no release date of the game yet, or an announcement for a Quest port, but there’s a demo available on Steam now

SUPERHOT VR has left a mark as one of the best VR games on the market. The unique "time stops when you stop" feels as great on a flatscreen as it does in virtual reality, and while the game saw a sequel with MIND CONTROL DELETE, the VR game has yet to see a sequel, even eight years later.

However, developer ALLWARE is hoping to deliver a spiritual successor in an attempt to give those wanting a sequel to one of the best PCVR games a worthy experience (via RoadtoVR). However, if you're hoping to put on your best VR headsets and get a similar experience to SUPERHOT, you're in for a shock.

That's because COLD VR subverts SUPERHOT's iconic time freeze mechanic to deliver a unique feel. Instead, COLD VR challenges you by only slowing time when you move, so hesitation could lead to your defeat - a total change from SUPERHOT's precision-focused gameplay loop.

Interestingly, COLD VR is also letting you move around using the analog sticks. While you can move around in-game in the standard SUPERHOT, SUPERHOT VR would place you in different parts of the level as you destroy the red crystalline enemies. However, the difficulty in SUPERHOT VR would come from being able to dodge and retaliate in the real world.

COLD VR seems to be a bit more inventive in its gameplay in general too, as the trailer showcases a scene where the play wields giant laser swords on the end of the players' hands.

While this will be an interesting change of pace from SUPERHOT, as well as being a great stopgap before a potential sequel, we hope COLD VR delivers on what keeps SUPERHOT talked about years later - the world, lore, and narrative that still sees people typing "SUPER. HOT. SUPER. HOT" in any of SUPERHOT's social media pages.

COLD VR doesn't have a release date just yet, with a very broad 'Coming Soon' notice on the Steam storefront page. However, PCVR players can download and play the demo of the game now. Fortunately, you can use the Steam Link app via Meta Quest if you want to play it without cables.

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