Civilization VI Leader Pass DLC leaked by 2K website

Civilization VI is getting new DLC in the form of a mysterious Leader Pass.
Credit: 2K Games

Civilization VI is getting new DLC in the form of a mysterious Leader Pass.
Credit: 2K Games

Civilization VI is still going strong as an excellent strategy game, Despite releasing in 2016, the game continues to get expansions and updates. It seems that more comment is coming via DLC, as a Civ VI Leader Pass was accidentally leaked by the game’s main website.

The website has since deleted all mention of this DLC, though fans still have the receipts to show it happened. Expect 2K to make an announcement regarding this DLC soon, as it’s set to bring back some iconic leaders to the fan-favorite strategy game.

It seems that Civilization VI is going strong six years after its release, with no indication of stopping anytime soon. Only time will tell if this is the last piece of DLC for the game or if 2K ends up making the sixth entry live for a few more years.

Fans on Reddit got to share the leaked image of the now-deleted Leader Pass, featuring big historic figures like Abraham Lincoln and Queen Nzinga of Ndongo. There are currently no details on the Leader Pass, so we assume that this DLC only adds Leaders to the game until proven otherwise.

Naturally, fans had some things to say about the Leader Pass DLC, with many of them sharing their excitement:

“Nzinga of Ndongo is long overdue! Hype!” said AlphatheAlpaca.

“So there's still hope for quality of life updates and requested balancing?” says LukasOne.

“This is ridiculous. I’m going to give them more money and be happy about it? How do they do this magic?!” said MedicMalfunction.

Prior to this, Civilization VI expansion packs added new campaigns and countries to the game. Unless 2K Games announces what will be in the Leader Pass, this looks to be some barebones DLC, though hardcore fans are going to enjoy it.

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Civilization VI is now available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile.

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