Cities: Skylines 2 devs regret not releasing mod support in time for the game’s launch

cities skylines 2 devs regret not releasing mod support
Credit: Paradox Interactive

cities skylines 2 devs regret not releasing mod support
Credit: Paradox Interactive

Cities: Skylines 2 was meant to be a bigger and better sequel, but the city-builder simulator has been seen as something of a disappointment to many fans. The devs realize this, as they regret the state this game was released, as well as not adding mod support sooner.

Publisher Paradox Interactive posted on their development blog, acknowledging the various criticisms fans had with the game and promising major fixes coming. Developer Colossal Order Ltd. will continue to iron out whatever issues fans have with the game, although they did admit that they should have implemented mod support sooner.

Mariina Hallikainen, the CEO of Colossal, apologized to fans about Cities: Skylines 2 and the game’s lack of mod support at launch. The plan was to release mod support at the same time as the game’s launch but they ran out of time. It turns out that this is a smaller team than expected and they are still working on bringing mod support.

“During the project we faced, and still continue to face, technical difficulties that affect the speed and quality of the development, especially performance,” wrote Colossal Order CEO Mariina Hallikainen. “We simply ran out of time as the focus had to shift from modding support to all hands on deck to fix the performance. All this work is still ongoing.”

It is a shame that Cities: Skylines 2 is getting this kind of reception, as gamers were pretty excited when the sequel was first announced. The fact that this development team ran out of time is concerning, showing how the publisher may have forced them to release the game like this. Hopefully, the devs will take their time and eventually make this city-builder a worthwhile purchase for fans of the genre, but seeing this has opened some eyes.

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Curious fans can pick up Cities: Skylines 2 is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series systems, and PC.

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