PlayStation update breaks Chronus Zen, a widespread cheating device

A Chronus zen cheating device on a dark background

The Chronus Zen, a device used by cheaters to gain unfair advantages in online console games, has been blocked in the latest PlayStation 5 software update.

Via CoD website Charlie Intel, the new 24.01-08.60.00 PS5 software update has been released. Coming in at 1.186GB, the update adds new party features, updates to the PlayStation PULSE headsets and the usual performance improvements.

However, the latest PlayStation update also manages to block the Chronus Zen cheating device on PS5 hardware. All versions of the latest PlayStation console are now unable to use the cheating device at all.

The Chronus Zen allows users to use keyboard and mouse in unsupported games, or use controller software with their more accurate controls. This means that they can use assistance software such as aim assist that is barred from the control scheme.

Chronus Zen also allows gamers to perform actions otherwise impossible on standard controllers. This includes automatically reducing recoil in online FPS games to creating macro buttons for additional actions.

The creators behind the cheating device have acknowledged the issues with the latest PlayStation update. However, there is currently “no timetable” to bring the device back to form on the PS5.

PlayStation isn’t alone with its patching out of cheating devices. In fact, Xbox has already heavily implemented a feature to bar the use of unregistered third-party accessories on the platform to stop the rise of cheating. While this has made countless real controllers now useless, the ban has effectively removed cheating tools from the platform.

Console manufacturers aren’t the only ones aiming to stop this practice, either. Via our sister site Gfinityesports, a recent update to Call of Duty’s cheat detection Ricochet has resulted in the game force closing if it detects any form of cheating device similar to the Chronus devices.

Cheating devices of this ilk have been around for a while, but it seems their time is likely over, at least for now.

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