Chris Pine quit video games because Zelda was too hard

chris pine quit video games because zelda was too hard

chris pine quit video games because zelda was too hard

Star Trek and Dungeons and Dragons actor Chris Pine didn’t know that it was dangerous to go alone, as he gave up on video games after he couldn’t beat The Legend of Zelda.

During a press tour for Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, Pine opened up about his recent love/hate relationship with video games. As the title of this story spoils, Pine once hated the medium after he wasn’t able to complete the NES classic.

"I gave up on video games, basically in 1988 when I failed repeatedly at playing Zelda," Pine explains. "I was really bad at it, I think I still have a lot of PTSD from it."


While we don’t know if he’s gone back and played Zelda since, Pine has somewhat rekindled his love for video games again after playing Mario Kart 8. Though he doesn’t say which Mario Kart he played, the fact that he mentioned the controllers “buzzing” indicates that it's the latest game.

"All that being said, two days ago I played for the first time in 30 years, Super Mario Kart," Pine says. "I went and played with these kids, it's incredibly fun! Because now, the controllers have, like, they buzz, it's incredible!"

Pine’s enthusiasm for Mario Kart is nice to see, as the actor claimed that he was ready to win against the kids that played against him. Apparently, after he walked away, Pine said he was willing to go a few more rounds in Mario Kart.

As we mentioned earlier, Chris Pine can be forgiven for not finishing the first Zelda game, as it is notoriously hard to complete. Unlike more modern games in the series, it was hard to tell which rock to blow up with a bomb as they all look the same. A Link to the Past has since fixed this and every other installment has followed suit but we’re sure many NES players gave up on that game.

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That doesn’t mean the original Zelda hasn’t been referenced since, as it was the basis for Breath of the Wild. Considering how BOTW is considered one of the best Switch games, with its sequel, Tears of the Kingdom, surpassing it in sales, we wonder how Pine would take to the newer games

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