Chris Pine wants to play Captain Kirk forever, if he can

One of the best parts of the original Star Trek franchise was seeing the main characters age over time. For example, William Shatner first played Captain Kirk at the age of 34. He last played the character — in live action — at 63.

Nowadays, the role of Captain Kirk is held by two different actors. On TV, the character is played by Paul Wesley; in the Kelvin Timeline movies, he’s played by Chris Pine.

Captain Kirk could be Pine’s forever role

Via TrekMovie, Chris Pine revealed that he would be happy playing Captain Kirk for the rest of his career. Speaking on the Happy, Sad, Confused podcast, the actor explained that he’s excited to play the character again.

Pine confirmed that he will gladly return for a fourth movie, when that happens. While Paramount has stated that a fourth Kelvin timeline movie is happening, Pine has yet to hear anything solid about it.

“I think reporters think that we know more than we’re saying,” the actor said. “And when I say that I honestly—none of us know anything. I haven’t seen a script. All I heard was that they said we’re making a film. I am so stoked for that idea and possibility as we all are, but it’s so premature to say anything because there’s no date, no nothing. But I’m pretty positive we’d all come back. I don’t see why not.”

While the situation at Paramount is still up in the air, Pine confirmed that he would always to play Captain Kirk. The actor explained that lifelong — or career long — characters are hard to come by, and he would be grateful to have one. He explained:

“It’s super cool. I love the idea. It’s very rare to get a chance to play one character over the entire essentially course of your career. If I had the chance to do that, I think it would be so cool. So, so cool. So hopefully we get to do it.

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Reviving the Kelvin Timeline

Bringing back the Kelvin Timeline for a new series of movies could be a strong move for Paramount. While the original trilogy was not well received, although Beyond was great, fans are excited for more.

After all, there have been plenty of not-great Trek movies in the past. If anything, returning to the Kelvin Timeline could redeem the last trilogy of films with some truly great Trek content.

Abandoning the Kelvin Timeline would be a shame. The movies have a fantastic cast of brilliant actors to play the Enterprise crew. Not only is Chris Pine a fantastic Captain Kirk, but Karl Urban is also a brilliant Bones. Personally, we want to see more.

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