China bans Shang-Chi, Ultraman and K-Pop for “effeminate” males

China's recent ban of all cryptocurrency is not an isolated incident. Hidden amongst the news of China's anti-crypto movement, the Chinese Communist Party made moves against entertainment. Caught in the cross-fires: Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

China bans Shang-Chi, Ultraman and more

Reported by CBR, the CCP has enacted a massive new wave of entertainment censorship. Entire genres such as K-Pop are reportedly banned in the country alongside films like Shang-Chi and Ultraman.

Alongside banning the content, references to the content are being wiped from Chinese social media. Services such as Weibo are seeing all mentions of the aforementioned content removed to please the CCP.

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Why is China banning them?

CBR reports that these bans come after a massive restructuring of China's entertainment rules. For example, all Chinese theatres must air at least two propaganda films per week. Additionally, films that don't adhere to the CCP’s ideals of model Chinese standards are rejected.

China's National Radio and Television Administration has outlined multiple factors that result in rejection. For starters, “effeminate styles” are rejected, such as K-Pop’s iconic flamboyant style. Additionally, Chinese networks must promote masculine media that reflects a patriotic image of the CCP’s policies.

Furthermore, networks must “resolutely resist bad plots”. Cartoons must be “excellent” with “healthy content... [promoting] truth, goodness and beauty”. Finally, the NRTA has commended “celebrity worship”.

With this in mind, it's no wonder that projects like Shang-Chi are banned. While Shang-Chi is drenched in gorgeous Asian culture, main actor Simu Liu could be seen as receiving “celebrity workshop”. It’s not surprising, despite being a controversial subject in China, the actor is highly regarded as Marvel's first Asian hero.

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