A cheaper Apple Vision Pro may arrive sooner than you think

cheaper apple vision pro reportedly coming soon
Credit: Apple

cheaper apple vision pro reportedly coming soon
Credit: Apple

The Apple Vision Pro has been something of a mixed bag for the VR community, with many acknowledging this headset’s potential, while also criticizing its various flaws. While fans might have to wait a bit longer for a more full-fledged successor, a cheaper version of the VR tech could be coming soon.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (via Tom’s Guide) has said that a proper successor to the Vision Pro probably won’t enter production until at least 2027. However, Kuo also says that a cheaper version of Apple’s VR headset could enter production a bit earlier, saying a 2025 or 2026 release is possible.

Before fans get started about a new Apple Vision Pro model, Kuo does say that the iPhone company isn’t working on either model, at least not yet. Kuo does think that the cheaper Apple VR headset will be more readily available than the current model since fans are still struggling to buy this thing.

Cheaper model aside, Kuo also thinks that Apple will try to make the Vision Pro more readily available in other countries. Right now, the headset is only available in various parts of the world and an expansion is needed. Assuming the company can start mass producing these items again, they could finally give this headset a proper worldwide release.

Despite being an Apple Product, the Vision Pro has suffered from many setbacks that make it the black sheep product of this particular niche market. Strong sales aside, fans think that this product is lesser when compared to other headsets, due to the lack of apps and its ridiculous price.

VR fans who want something a bit better might want to go for the Meta Quest 3, which has more apps and features when compared to Apple’s foray into VR. However, try not to listen to Mark Zuckerberg when considering the Quest headset, since the man is biased for obvious reasons.

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Fans can try to get the Apple Vision Pro now, depending on where they are in the world and if they know any niche tech stores.

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