ChatGPT vehicle AI turns your car into a professional gaslighter

ChatGPT vehicle AI turns your car into a professional gaslighter

ChatGPT vehicle AI turns your car into a professional gaslighter

OpenAI’s ChatGPT service is being introduced into cars. With the power of a ChatGPT vehicle AI, any car will be turned into a misinformed version of KITT from Knight Rider.

A partnership between Microsoft and General Motors is leading to more advanced artificial intelligence in cars. More than self-driving tech, this AI tool will allow you to converse with your vehicle like the sci-fi whip of your dreams.

Scott Miller, General Motors’ vice president of software defined vehicle and operating system claimed “ChatGPT is going to be in everything”, and that includes its vehicles.

Miller explained that the AI assistant will “push things beyond the simple voice commands available in today's cars”, allowing users to demand more from their vehicles.

In one example, a user asked the ChatGPT vehicle AI how to fix a flat type. The AI then gave detailed instructions and even visual guides on what the user needed to do. Another example allowed the vehicle to schedule a visit to the mechanic to fix issues.

Of course, there are a lot of issues with using a ChatGPT vehicle AI. Despite being one of the most popular internet tools ever made, it’s not the most consistent. AI chatbots have been proven to lie, cite blatant and dangerous misinformation and even attempt to gaslight users.

While OpenAI may be one of the most impressive chatbots around today, it’s not at the level of a sci-fi AI. Your car won’t suddenly become KITT, you won’t become David Hasslehoff, but it will become a more intelligent Alexa.

General Motors isn’t the only vehicle manufacturer aiming to put superfluous AI in their vehicles. For example, Ford is aiming to kit out all future cars with AI software that will allow them to repossess themselves if you miss a payment. So, your car won’t help you fight crime, but it will drive away from you.

With the expansion of AI technology, manufacturers are attempting to stuff the latest buzzword into all manner of products. Will it be a good inclusion in the automotive industry?

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