ChatGPT AI is the internet’s fastest growing app of all time

An image of a robot writing similar to ChatGPT text generator AI

An image of a robot writing similar to ChatGPT text generator AI

AI text generator ChatGPT is already the fastest growing consumer app in internet history. The artificial intelligence platform has already reached 100 million users after just two months.

The closest competitor to ChatGPT is the social media platform TikTok. In comparison, TikTok took nine months to reach the same 100 million users. Previously, the fastest growing app was Instagram which took two years to reach the same amount.

In a report by Reuters, it was revealed that ChatGPT has the fastest growing user base of any internet service ever. Over the past 20 years, no service has reached 100 million users as quickly as the AI text platform, not even Google.

The artificial intelligence platform has been used for generating scripts, essays, homework and more. Controversially, the tool has been adopted by students looking to get easy As at school, much to the dismay of teachers.

Furthermore, the technology’s owners OpenAI have release other popular AI services. For example, the company’s DALL•E 2 image generator has been one of the best, performing miles better than Midjourney or Stable Diffusion.

Nevertheless, the company’s tools have been seen as controversial. Due to AI generation requiring previous data from other creators’ work, many have claimed that the technology is simply plagiarism with extra steps.

In recent months, the controversy has even led to a large-scale lawsuit against AI art generators. However, AI text services have been left out of plagiarism discussions, although it’s not without its own issues.

For example, science essays that utilise AI text generators tend to be extremely unreliable. Not only do AI programs create false facts, but they also can assign them to the names of real-life humans. This means that false and oftentimes bigoted statements are attributed to real scientists.

Nevertheless, the sheer popularity of ChatGPT and other AI tools have undoubtedly changed the world. How will AI factor into the future?

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