ChatGPT AI aims to be the default assistant for your Android phones

OpenAI’s ChatGPT on an Android phone

OpenAI’s ChatGPT generative text tool is aiming to be the main smart assistant on Android devices. Available in a new beta, the AI tool can now be made your default assistant.

With major brands like Samsung creating their own AI assistants for the Samsung S24, OpenAI is seemingly pushing the pre-existing ChatGPT to fill this role.

Mishaal Rahman revealed the new feature on Twitter. Sharing a video of the AI chat assistant in action, Rahman showed the chatbot answering queries that they threw at it.

To access the new form of ChatGPT, Rahman showed the app’s new Android Quick Settings icon. By tapping on it, the assistant appears and can be asked all manner of queries.

However, the ChatGPT assistant isn’t exactly the fastest AI on the market. Currently, it takes around 15 seconds for the tool to recognise your speech and generate an answer. While its responses are more detailed, they’re not fast.

Of course, there’s also the issue of accuracy. ChatGPT, and other generative AI tools, have not been proven to be accurate, and have shown bias on numerous occasions. While the ease of use increases, the rise of misinformation also does.

The new AI assistant does seem quite usable, though. While it’s generating its reply, you can quickly tap the application to interrupt it. We all know how annoying it is when Alexa keeps talking after we’ve told her to stop.

Alongside OpenAI’s new tool, Google is also overhauling its pre-existing Google Assistant tool with its Bard AI program. This overhaul will replace the long-established version with a tool that uses the Bard technology. However, you will still activate it by saying: “Hey, Google.”

2024 already appears to be the year of AI phones with many phone companies looking to force artificial intelligence into their devices. Time will tell if the technology ends up being largely adopted by users.

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