Cancelled Dead Rising 5 gameplay leaks its way online

dead rising 5 canceled gameplay leaks make their way online
Credit: Capcom

dead rising 5 canceled gameplay leaks make their way online
Credit: Capcom

Gameplay leaks for the cancelled Dead Rising 5 have made their way online, making fans wonder what could have been. The series has been dead since Dead Rising 4 released, and disappointed, in 2016, but this sequel could’ve reanimated the franchise.

According to Exputer, gameplay leaks for the canceled follow-up come from a former Capcom Vancouver employee’s public portfolio. Naturally, many online eventually came across some of the footage and were intrigued by what the sequel would have been like.

Dead Rising 5 would have been called Dead Rising: Dia De Los Muertos aka Day of the Dead. Rather than go for Frank West again, this game would’ve starred Dead Rising 2 lead Chuck Greene alongside two other playable characters. As the title implies, the game would have been set in a zombie-filled Mexico.

This is a pretty extensive leak, as numerous levels are shown, alongside improvements to the previous game. An improved looting system is shown, which has players take their findings into a container system so they can see which items are actually useful. Besides some minor fixes, it still looks like a typical Dead Rising game at its core.

For those unaware, the core Dead Rising games have players stay in a closed off area filled with zombies and survivors. There’s a time limit that players have to follow, making each choice and alignment important, impacting the game’s ending. Dead Rising 4 dropped the time limit and was met with a mixed reception as a result, despite the game itself being decent to play.

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It’s a shame that we never got a Dead Rising 5 since this installment looked promising. Zombies also continue to be popular with the mainstream, as The Last of Us shows, so a sequel would have gotten some interest. Capcom seems pretty focused on Resident Evil and Monster Hunter right now but anything can happen.

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