Canceled Indiana Jones game footage finally makes its way online

canceled indiana jones game footage finally makes its way online

canceled indiana jones game footage finally makes its way online

After years of nothing being shown, official footage of a canceled SEGA Genesis Indiana Jones game has surfaced. Considering the number of finished games that haven’t been released, seeing this in action almost feels surreal.

Gaming channel Video Game Shadows mysteriously uploaded three minutes of this canceled Genesis game. While it looks like a lot of games from that time, it is thrilling to see footage of a game that never came out, especially of Indiana Jones

This is a Genesis port of Indiana Jones’ Greatest Adventures, which is a video game retelling of the first three movies. Originally released on SNES, the Genesis port had a few cosmetic changes and was scheduled for release in 1996. However, publisher US Gold went out of business which resulted in this game never coming out.

Interestingly, there is some hope that this version of the game will be coming out in the near future. According to Time Extension, company Factor 5 owns a ROM of the game and is trying to release this title legally. It still hasn’t happened, likely due to the various licensing issues of the retro adventure game.

This isn’t the only Indiana Jones game to never be released. In fact, LucasArts was working on a AAA Indiana Jones game alongside development of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Dubbed Indiana Jones and The Staff of Kings, the game did see cut-down PS2 and PSP ports, but the original never resurfaced.

Since an Xbox-exclusive Indiana Jones game is on the way, we’re surprised more ports of older games haven’t been released. There’s always a chance that this ROM will be part of some collection of other classics featuring good old Indie. Disney has released older collections of their games before and they can do the same here.

With MachineGames hiring the director of the acclaimed Chronicles of Riddick game to work on the new Indiana Jones, expectations are high. Rumour has it that the game will switch between first-person and third-person cameras, similar to Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath. There were also plans to bring the game to other consoles until Microsoft bought Bethesda.

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At the time of writing, the Xbox-exclusive Indiana Jones video game still doesn’t have a release date.

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