Call of Duty Wii servers go KIA after a decade of service

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Call of Duty Wii servers go KIA after a decade of service - Captain Price on top of the Nuke scene from Modern Warfare Reflex on the Nintendo Wii

Despite the rest of the Nintendo Wii library going offline, Activision’s Call of Duty games have still been going strong. Unfortunately, after over a decade of support, Call of Duty Wii servers are now officially dead.

Revealed on Twitter by Racerize, Call of Duty Wii servers are now officially offline for the first time since launch. While the games had a fairly low player base, they were still consistently alive, but no longer.

In the tweet, numerous images of multiple Call of Duty games are shown, now boasting server errors. If you attempt to play the Wii CoD games now, you’ll be hit with Wii Error Code 20110.

Alongside the error, every Wii Call of Duty title gives the same message: “Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service for this software has been discontinued.”

The first Call of Duty game to release on Nintendo Wii was a port of the original 2007 Modern Warfare. Released in 2009, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Reflex was a cutdown version of the Xbox 360 and PS3 game with some rather solid motion controls.

Call of Duty on the Wii was a rather sporadic series. For example, Modern Warfare 2 never got a Wii port, but its follow-up Modern Warfare 3 did. Additionally, World at War and even Black Ops also had active Wii communities until the servers went down.

Alongside the death of Call of Duty Wii servers, fans have also noticed that the series’ DS games are also now unplayable online. While not as active as the Wii games, it is a shame to see the DS games die as well.

The last Call of Duty game on a Nintendo console was Call of Duty: Ghosts on the Wii U. However, the series is set to return following Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision. With the Nintendo Switch 2 coming next year, Microsoft is keen to bring the popular FPS series back to Nintendo platforms.

It’s a shame to see the classic Call of Duty games go dark on the Nintendo Wii, but it’s also impressive that they lasted this long. Who knows, maybe the community will find a way to bring the games back online, or maybe Activision will do it themselves. We can only hope.

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