Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 drops in to overwhelmingly negative Steam reviews

call of duty warzone 2.0 negative steam reviews soldier aiming submachine gun

call of duty warzone 2.0 negative steam reviews soldier aiming submachine gun

Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 has only been out for two days, but fans of the lightning-quick Activision Blizzard shooter have decided to already show their displeasure with the changes to the battle royale.

According to SteamDB, only 38% (at the time of writing) of Warzone 2.0 Steam reviews are positive, with well over half of them being negative. That's particularly bad for a free-to-play game, but is this just a case of review-bombing, or are players genuinely displeased?

A Reddit thread about the game's negative reception on Steam reveals how players have been feeling and why the updated battle royale game has not been well received.

"While the gameplay/gunplay is solid, the state of the game at launch was absolutely horrid. The social menu of the game was broken, making it incredibly complicated just to form a party to play with friends," says Reddit user 'selffulfillingprophet'.

Others in the thread claim it's the one of the "most painful" UIs they have used in a game, referencing how there are so many sub-menus that need to be accessed in the game that it has become convoluted and confusing for the player base.

The thread also highlights technical issues marring people's enjoyment of the shooter, with some stating they couldn't even access to the game because it claimed that you needed to purchase it.

'Hendeith' sums up the situation. "It's not only social menu that's broken. There's lots of various bugs. From little stuff like game showing each player in a party they are queueing for different game mode to bigger stuff like AI spawning on you, AI de-spawning while fighting you, hits not being detected, servers lagging."

It remains to be seen how many of these issues get patched and how quickly, but many Call of Duty players will be disappointed that they can't hop in-game with their friends and faultlessly experience the battle royale as it was intended.

In any case, it hasn't stopped the player base venting their frustrations by leaving negative Steam reviews. Has the damage been done, or will the positive-negative review ratio recover?

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