Amazing Call of Duty SM2 fan game killed by Activision, angering fans

Amazing Call of Duty SM2 fan game killed by Activision, angering fans

Activision Blizzard has killed Call of Duty SM2, a free-to-play fan game that combined every past CoD game in one succinct package.

While new titles like Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 are still incredibly popular, many CoD fans have urged for a return to past titles with new content.

Call of Duty SM2 was a huge fan project that aimed to bring content from Modern Warfare to Black Ops 4 into one game. Similar to other online fan games, such as Halo’s El Dewrito, the title was hugely anticipated by fans.

In development for two years, SM2 has unfortunately been murdered by Activision’s legal team for copyright infringement. On Twitter, the development team revealed that a Cease and Desist letter had been sent regarding the project.

“Today, a team member received a Cease & Desist letter on behalf of Activision Publishing in relation to the sm² project,” the tweet reads. “We are complying with this order and shutting down all operations permanently. Thank you all for your support over the past 2 years.”

Fans of the Call of Duty fan game were not surprised by Activision’s decision to axe the fan game. However, many were hoping that the fan game would be released before Activision would act on the title. If it was released, fan servers would’ve likely led to the game being alive for years into the future.

Massive fan games like SM2 are usually killed prior to release. Unless they’re decompiled projects like Super Mario 64 PC, Cease and Desist letters are often sent to dedicated fans wanting to create awesome fan projects.

Call of Duty SM2 was a massive undertaking that excited fans across the world. While it may never have actually seen the light of day, the promise of every CoD game being in one place was enough to spark the imagination of CoD players everywhere.

SM2 was inspired by the Chinese mobile game CoD Mobile. The mobile free-to-play FPS combines maps, modes, weapons and characters from all of the Call of Duty universe, and fans have begged for a PC and console port.

Fan games are killed all the time by big brands looking to protect their copyright. Brilliant fan games such as AM2R (Another Metroid 2 Remake), countless Pokémon fan games and more have been taken down from the internet. However, since they were released, they are still available to find online.

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