Californian lab grown meat factory is producing 50,000lbs annually

As lab grown meat moves onto recreating complex structures like Wagyu, the industry’s credibility is more proven than ever. While the industry is still fresh-faced, some facilities are already pushing impressive amounts of artificial meat out annually.

Reported by the San Francisco Chronicle, a single factory in California is producing tens of thousands of pounds annually. Additionally, as demand increases, factories are already capable of multiplying their output by at least eight times.

Californian lab grown meat factory capable of producing 400,000 lbs a year

Helmed by Berkeley food tech company Upside Foods, the impressive factory recently opened in Emeryville, California. Instead of a traditional slaughterhouse, meat products created here are grown from cultivated animal cells.

At the time of writing, Upside Foods can’t legally sell any of its replicated meat products. This is due to the fact that the United States has yet to approve the sale of lab meat. However, the company believes its impressive output proves its ready to be sold.

Upside Foods Chief Operating Officer Amy Chen explained that the technology is “not a dream”. She continued: “It’s not science fiction. It’s reality today.”

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Testing on the road

Currently, Upside Foods is touring the United States to demo its lab grown meats. While the company waits for the product to legally accepted, it will be hosting taste tests across the U.S.

Afterwards, the company hopes to introduce the grown meats to high-end restaurants. Following that, the product would be accepted by grocery stores and supermarkets. The rollout has been likened to artificial, vegan meat properties like the soy-based Impossible Burger.

The market for climate-friendly lab meat is expected to become massive in the next decade. By 2030, estimates place the market at being worth at least $25 billion.

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