Cadbury Heroes League: Meet the Fighters Part Two! The final six celebrity/parent partnerships (Sponsored)

With the Cadburys Heroes League participants deep into their training regimes, we thought we’d take a look at the rest of the competition.

These awesome participants are ready to take on the world with their family by their side, you won’t want to mess with this bunch!

Enough blathering on from us, here are the final six competitors in the Cadbury Heroes League.

Team Leahviathan

Leah is a long time content creator, amassing over 160,000 followers on her Twitch channel.

If her recent streams are anything to go by, Leah’s mum is more than ready to show the opposition her Street Fighter skills!

Which SFV character would Leah be?

We think Laura suits Leah well, ready to electrify her opponents at any second.

Which Heroes chocolate is Leah?

We believe Leah is a Crunchie as we’re certain she’ll be going for gold.

Team Baker

A creator with a penchant for football, Theo Baker’s antics have racked up nearly 1 million subscribers on YouTube.

In charge of teaching his mum-in-law the ropes on Street Fighter V: Championship Edition, we are sure they’ll make a formidable pairing.

Which SFV character would Theo be?

Theo gives us some stealthy vibes, so we’ve gone with Nash as his SFV character.

Which Heroes chocolate is Theo?

After a long time deliberating, we settled on Theo being a Dairy Milk Caramel, a perfect blend of smooth and sweet.

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Team Nelson

An avid streamer on Twitch, Gee Nelson’s content has gone from strength to strength, growing to an audience of nearly 100,000 followers on Twitch.

We are sure she’ll be more than capable of teaching her mum how to button mash expertly on Street Fighter.

Which SFV character would Gee be?

Ready to shock her enemy at a moment's notice, we’re pretty sure Gee would be Karin in SFV.

Which Heroes chocolate is Gee?

For us, Gee is a Wispa, bold and ready to make a statement in the competition!

Team Philips

With a number of big screen and small screen appearances, Sally Philips is one of the most recognisable faces in UK acting.

Thankfully, she’ll have her son teaching her the ropes on Street Fighter, so we’re excited to see what she can pull off!

Which SFV character would Sally be?

We think Sally suits Lucia well, terrifyingly proficient and ready to take on anyone.

What Heroes chocolate is Sally?

A reliable fan-favourite, we think Sally is a Dairy Milk through and through.

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Team Banjo

Diversity member turned TV presenter, Jordan Banjo, is likely as multi-talented with videogames as he is on TV.

With his mum primed and ready on the controller, they sure do make a scary duo for the rest of the competition.

Which SFV character would Jordan be?

For us, Jordan would make a formidable Gill, his multiple talents lending themselves perfectly to Gill’s fire & ice abilities.

What Heroes chocolate is Jordan?

We feel like Jordan is a Dinky Decker, the explosive flavours matching his personality.

Team Redknapp

Louise Redknapp’s phenomenal vocals may not sound like they lend themselves to playing SFV, but we’re inclined to disagree.

With her son as a coach, we’re sure Louise will master the difficult gameplay of Street Fighter with ease.

Which SFV character would Louise be?

We think Louise would be Seth, the perfect wildcard play.

What Heroes chocolate is Louise?

Always the life of the party, we think Louise is a Twirl.

To meet the other six contestants, head here.

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