Cadbury Heroes League: Meet the Fighters Part One! Which celebs will be training their parents? (Sponsored)

The Cadbury Heroes League is coming soon, and we’ve got the inside scoop.

With a host of different celebrities and creators taking part, let’s take a look at what each of them brings to the competition.

So, without further ado, here are some of the celebrities and creators taking part in the Cadbury Heroes League!

Team Thompson

Made in Chelsea star Sam Thompson will be showing his mum the Street Fighter V ropes.

Known for being a bit of a gamer, Sam will be wanting to make sure his mum is ship-shape and ready to win.

Not often seen without his headset on, we are sure Sam will make for a formidable coach!

Which SFV character is Sam?

We like to think of Sam as Cody, dressed to impress and with a variety of tricks up his sleeve.

Which Heroes chocolate is Sam?

For us, Sam would be a Twirl, a Cadbury milk with a little something extra.

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Team Lopez

Jay-Ann has been a gamer for longer than we can remember and is an icon of diversity in the gaming world.

With gaming forming an integral part of her life for many years, we are sure that her nan will be more than equipped to take down anyone she faces!

Which SFV character would Jay-Ann be?

We like to think of Jay-Ann as Chun-Li, terrifyingly powerful in the SFV arena and more than capable of bettering any foe she meets.

Which Heroes chocolate is Jay-Ann?

We think Jay-Ann would be a Dairy Milk, everybody’s favourite and always the first to go!

Team Kemp

Roman Kemp will be sure to put his previously mastered survival skills to good use in this competition.

Tasked with coaching his mum to be the very best, we are sure Roman has all the survival skills necessary to pull this off.

Which SFV character would Roman be?

Roman screams secrecy to us, as his gaming prowess remains locked behind closed doors. As such, we think Roman would be Urien.

Which Heroes chocolate is Roman?

Whilst large in stature, Roman Kemp is a Dinky Decker to us.

Team Romello

With over half a million subscribers on YouTube, Romello is certainly up to standard when it comes to gaming.

This skill and experience will undoubtedly come in handy when it comes to training his dad.

Which SFV character is Romello?

For us, Romello is Ryu. As a ‘been there, done that’ gamer, Romello is the ‘Jack of All Trades’ entry of this tournament, capable of doing it all.

Which Heroes chocolate is Romello?

We like to think of Romello as a Dairy Milk Caramel, the old faithful with an exciting twist.

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Team Siobhan

Clare Siobhan is another content creator, with her dedication and consistency earning her over 1.7 million subscribers!

With all manner of games on her YouTube channel, Clare’s varied gaming experience will make her (and hopefully her mum) a dab hand at SFV.

Which SFV character is Clare?

Both experts in anything they put their minds to, we see Clare as Ibuki.

Which Heroes chocolate is Clare?

We see Clare as an Eclaire, I guess it’s in the name really?

Team Grennan

Tom Grennan is a talented musician, who has featured with artists such as Chase and Status, and even lent his voice to Grenfell Tower piece, “Artists for Grenfell”.

We have in fact seen Tom in the gaming world before, as two of his performances were available for PlayStation VR users to watch.

We are sure his creative flair will be perfect for coaching his dad to victory!

What SFV character would Tom be?

We think Tom matches perfectly with Guile, mainly because we love his theme music the most, Tom’s speciality!

Which Cadbury Heroes chocolate would Tom be?

With his voice being such an important part of his life, we think Tom would best be represented as a Wispa… Because he needs to whisper!

To find out more about the Cadbury Heroes League, head here.

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