Bungie CEO criticized for tone deaf statement after laying off employees

bungie ceo tone deaf comments firing staff
Credit: Bungie

bungie ceo tone deaf comments firing staff
Credit: Bungie

Bungie recently laid off over 100 employees, with many shocked to find out that it wasn’t Sony’s call, making these cuts baffling. Pete Parsons, the company’s CEO, tried to appear sympathetic by confirming the cuts, though many feel his statement was tone-deaf and insulting.

On a post on X, Parsons confirmed that the Destiny company fired a lot of its employees, saying that it was a “sad day” for the studio. In a move that many rightfully saw as tone-deaf, Parsons asked other companies to consider hiring the people he just fired.

“Today is a sad day at Bungie as we say goodbye to colleagues who have all made a significant impact on our studio,” Parsons tweeted. “What these exceptional individuals have contributed to our games and Bungie culture has been enormous and will continue to be a part of Bungie long into the future.”

People on Twitter were not pleased with the Bungie CEO, calling him out for wanting to appear sympathetic. With all these compliments coming from the CEO, many are wondering why he didn’t just keep them in the company.

“If they are so talented then hire them back. Kind words won't help them have a roof over their heads,” said Chibirobo1.

“Wait .....aren't you the CEO? Final decisions aren't made by you???” tweeted out Mr Garzo.

Unfortunately, the layoffs in Bungie are part of a worrying trend this year, as the gaming industry as a whole has seen plenty of layoffs. Epic Games laid off a good number of their staff, with the devs of Fall Guys taking the biggest hit. Naughty Dog has also fired various employees and tried to make them keep quiet about it.

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Despite a ton of great games coming out this year, 2023 has not been good for the employees of the gaming industry. It’s hard to celebrate these great titles when the people who make them end up losing their jobs in the process.

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