Bruce Willis starred in an advert using Deepfake so he didn't have to do anything

It’s no secret that Die Hard actor Bruce Willis isn't the Hollywood superstar he once was. After decades of being a must-have action star, Willis isn't quite as interested in high-octane cinema as before.

In the past few years, many have pointed out that Bruce Willis is going for easier, simpler projects. For movies like Reprisal, Willis is only on set for one day with stunt doubles standing in for basic shots like opening a door. Reportedly, a single day with the actor is worth $1 million and he won't accept anything less.

Bruce Willis Deepfake used in new advert

As it turns out, Willis’ laziness knows no bounds. Reported by, the actor recently starred in a Russian phone advert. However, instead of being limited to a one-day shoot with the actor, Willis didn't turn up at all. Instead, the Die Hard actor was deepfaked into the advert.

The entirety of the advert for Russian company MegaFon was shot with a stunt double. With Willis’ consent, the company Deepfaked over the stunt double with the actor's face. Hilariously, it's the most expressive a Bruce Willis performance has been in years.

Throughout the entirety of the advert, Willis’ voice isn't used once. Since it’s in Russian, the two lines of dialogue from “his” character are dubbed with a Russian voice. I don't speak Russian, but one of those lines was “Mississippi”. Classic Bruce.

MegaFon responds

Regarding the advert, MegaFon had this to say:

“Our team interviewed Bruce Willis. It was a risky idea, but surprisingly our conversation about cooperation was short and effective. We told him about MegaFon and the idea behind this project. The actor became interested in our brand and production organization.”

At the time of writing, Willis has 13 movies in development. They'll likely all be crap.

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