Brock and Misty return to Pokémon anime for Ash’s send off

brock and misty return to pokemon anime for ash send off
Credit: The Pokémon Company

brock and misty return to pokemon anime for ash send off
Credit: The Pokémon Company

The Pokémon anime will be saying goodbye to Ash and his Pikachu after two decades of unforgettable adventures. It seems that Ash will be leaving with a bang as his two best friends, Brock and Misty will join him in his momentous sendoff.

Old-school fans of the show might be shocked to know that Brock and Misty don’t become Ash’s permanent companions. While both characters make a number of appearances, Ash is usually joined by a rotating supporting cast, depending on the games this anime is advertising.

Misty departed from the show after the events of Pokémon’s Jhoto arc. However, Brock stayed with the series far longer, departing after the events of the Sinnoh anime. Nevertheless, the two characters have popped up here and there in multiple anime stories.

Now that Ash’s journey in the Pokémon anime is coming to an end, it’s only fitting that his two best friends join him. It will be interesting to see if supporting characters from the other seasons end up making appearances as well. Maybe we’ll even see Tracy (does anyone remember him?).

Details on the first three episodes of Ash’s last arc were revealed by The Pokémon Company (via Siliconera). While the first episode deals with Ash and Pikachu helping an injured Latias, the next two episodes have him reunite with Brock and Misty.

On the second episode, titled “Ash vs. Misty! Duel on the coast,” Ash and Misty battle on, well, a coast. Both trainers were part of an acclaimed fight from the Sun and Moon anime, where Ash’s Pikachu defeated Misty’s Gyrados in an impressively animated duel. Expectations for this rematch might be high.

Brock’s episode is called “Brock and Cilan, and the Witch of the Forest” with the episode’s title essentially giving away the premise. Cilan from the Black and White anime makes a cameo, which means more cameos from the various supporting cast are likely planned for Ash.

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Expect plenty of fan service in this final season for Ash. With new characters planned to take over the Pokémon anime, they will have some massive shoes to fill.

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