British people couldn’t give a toss about The Metaverse, and they don't understand it either

British people Metaverse; the guy from ready player one on a British flag

British people Metaverse; the guy from ready player one on a British flag

The virtual world of The Metaverse was the hot tech topic of the past two years. However, it’s seen considerable pushback as companies like Zuckerberg’s Meta aim to stick everyone inside the VR world, but no one cares less about the scenario than the British.

Metaverse development has caused issues for companies such as Meta. The Facebook parent company has lost billions of dollars on its virtual world pet project, worrying investors and causing plummeting stocks. Despite the massive cost, it looks like no one cares about the virtual world.

In a new survey regarding the technology, the British public revealed that they do not care for The Metaverse. If the virtual world takes off, well Britain be left behind? (Will it care?)

According to a Gowling WLG survey across the UK, France, Canada, American, UAE and China, only 37% of British people feel like trying out The Metaverse. However, even less people believe the technology will take off and be successful.

The study reveals that only 20% of British responders believe that the virtual world will take off. In comparison, 40% of the survey’s Chinese respondents are excited to use The Metaverse.

By far the best part of the survey is the details regarding how many British people actually understand what The Metaverse is. According to the report, only 2% know feel they fully understand the virtual world. Furthermore, 40% don’t know what the virtual world is.

Only 8% of British respondents are excited about the Metaverse future. However, more Eastern territories such as China and the United Arab Emirates have substantial interest in the upcoming technology. These regions also have far more investment in Metaverse technologies, especially the UAE.

Despite this, Metaverse development is continuing within tech giants. Even iPhone creators Apple are supposedly working on their own version of the technology for its in-development mixed reality headset. Will Apple make the trend popular?

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