Beware! Star Wars Jedi: Survivor spoilers are everywhere

beware star wars jedi survivor spoilers are everywhere
Credit: Respawn

beware star wars jedi survivor spoilers are everywhere
Credit: Respawn

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is coming out this week but some copies got out early, which means that spoilers are around. This is pretty much tradition for any AAAA game that’s nearing release but it’s pretty easy to avoid them, assuming you don’t dedicate your life to Reddit, YouTube or anywhere else online.

EA has taken measures into their own hands by actively telling fans to avoid posting spoilers. Fans are pretty sensitive about spoilers to major franchises, let alone Star Wars ones, so the warning is a nice touch. We doubt any leakers will listen to this but we’re sure some fans are listening to this.

“No spoilers! We’re beyond excited for everyone to experience #StarWarsJediSurvivor this week! We ask that you please be mindful of others and avoid posting or sharing spoilers. And remember, BD is watching!” says the official EA Star Wars Twitter.

Despite their intentions, fans who do want Star Wars Jedi: Survivor spoilers should be able to find them easily. It’s totally fine if players actively seek spoilers, as that can oddly entice some to pick up the title. However, spoiling other people for no reason is pretty mean so fans should avoid certain hashtags and websites for now.

This isn’t the first time a major Star Wars installment had spoilers out in advance. A day or two after The Force Awakens hit theaters, jerks everywhere decided to tell fans that Han Solo died, runing the experience for anyone. Sorry to people who haven’t seen the 2015 film but you all had eight years to catch up.

Considering how well-liked Fallen Order is, we’re sure fans are curious about the fates of their favorite characters and want to remain spoiler-free. Hopefully, fans are patient enough to wait for their copies of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, as the temptation to go to Reddit is real.

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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor officially comes out on April 28 for PS5, Xbox Series, and PC.

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